Episode 25: Know Thyself Meditation

For this episode, I take you on a self discovery journey. If a book was being written about your life, what would it have? What would it say?

Do you want to know more about Know Thyself? Take a look at the link below and the video:

Pathworking to Awaken the Witch Within

For this episode I take you on a journey that will help you awaken the witch within. This is a meditation similar to the one I did for Seeking Witchcraft podcast, though this one is longer, with more sections added to it. Hope you enjoy the journey...

Episode 19: Calm meditation

In a world of anger, frustration, sickness and anxiety, we need to look for an inner peace, a calmness that can help us go through our day. This meditation takes you deep into your sacred space, to look for that peaceful inner light. Hope you enjoy...

Episode 17: Pathworking for Winter Solstice

This Yule is very hard for all of us. Due to the pandemic we have not seen the people we love and our close friends. In order to keep them safe, we have to be distant and not see them. I have no doubt that, like me, you miss the hugs and the chats...