Progressing with PGM Praxis

Ever since discovering the PGM, I have become obsessed with it, learning and practicing as much as I can. I have read numerous books and have listened or watched as many videos and podcasts as I have been able to find. I also joined the Facebook group PGM Study and Practice Group. A group that has been useful to search for what other people have asked and read the answers from people who have been doing this for a long time.

However, there is only so much you can learn from reading books and using social media. So when I saw a post advertising Jack Grayle‘s course on the PGM, I took an impulsive decision and joined his course called PGM Praxis. This course takes a whole year to complete and every week we get a new video with Jack’s explanation and insights into a specific spell. Jack Grayle is a practitioner that has many years of experience with the PGM and he absolutely knows what he is doing.

So far it has only been one week and in just this week I have made several notes that have been very insightful on how to work the magic of the PGM. I am certainly looking forward to the future lessons and how much more I can learn from him.


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