The famous Stele of Jeu, PGM V 96

The first time I heard of this rite it was by another wiccan friend, who said she was doing this ritual every day from full moon to full moon. Must confess I had no idea what she was on about, however, once I listened to the SHWEP podcast, I realised she was talking about the PGM. I have mentioned on previous blog posts what the PGM is, if you want to find out more, read Delving into the PGM.

Stele of Jeu is very popular amongst people who work with the PGM and it is the one rite most people tell you to do first. Stephen Skinner suggests that this is an exorcism rite, and I decided not to do it. Exorcism not being one of the things I needed nor wanted to do. Sam Block from the Digital Amber blog suggests how it can be changed for different uses. In his article, Headless Rite, Sam Block explains the different ways you can adapt this rite to suit what you need it to do. He also offers an edited version on how to perform it. Seems to be a common theme, many occultists changing the PGM spells to fit what they want to do.

Now, what Sam Block, from the Digital Amber suggests is that you need first to decide on the purpose of the rite and phrase it to become a charge or statement of the intent of the ritual. Also, remember to change name to your own. Before the ritual one must be purified, which means having a bath or shower. Spirits do not like human smell. So it is important to shower and not to have garlic or fish beforehand. I would probably add kimchi to this list or a curry, both which I love. Also, spend some time meditating beforehand. This will help you clear your mind and emotions and put you in the right frame of mind to do the ritual.

Stephen Skinner suggests you should wear white robes. He suggests that the spirits are easily fooled by the practitioner dressing in certain ways or having phylacteries, etc. Personally, I took the decision to also wear my Wiccan jewellery, as they are part of my ritual practice.

So, having prepared everything, I decided to use the ritual to connect with my Guardian Spirit.

So how did it go?

I performed this rite for a week, and I must confess I did not have the same results as I did with my previous experience. In fact, I felt nothing…. nada, zero. So I stopped and decided to take one more look at what I was doing.

In the meantime, I joined the PGM Study group on Facebook. I have read as many posts and experiences as I could find on that group, learning as much as I could and trying to find out what I did wrong.

In this group, Alison Chicoski encourages everyone to practice and she even suggests things you can do. Alison Chicoski is an occult practitioner with a lot of experience, have a look at her website Practical Occult for more information.

One thing that she does do is use the Stele of Jeu quite often, in her magical work. Mixing rites and spells to get the results she wants. I have practiced some of the ones she suggested achieving some great results, of which I will write in a later blog post. So having practiced a rite using the Stele of Jeu with another PGM, I decided to have another look at the Stele of Jeu.

I purchased all the ingredients to make myrrh ink and I imported papyrus so I could do the coronet properly. I also bought proper frankincense incense, rather than use the incense sticks. Below you can see how it turned out. I may have to add a bit more black to the ink and retrace the words, however, I am incredibly pleased on how it turned out.

As for results of my second try? For this you will have to wait. As I intend to do it over the coming weeks, maybe doing it from full moon to full moon.


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