Wild Once: Awaken the magic within: Unleash true power by Dr Vivianne Crowley

Wild Once: Awaken the magic within. Unleash true power by Dr Vivianne Crowley

The dedication really says it all: ‘*To all who walk in hidden paths*’

Although this is a book where Vivianne Crowley speaks of her spiritual and magical journey, you cannot help but feel that sense of familiarity with your own journey. That sense of rebellion against the norm, the wanting to find your true self and your true path, regardless of what it is. She speaks on how she discovered witchcraft and you can easily feel the similarities within your journey. Maybe this is because as a wiccan myself, I recognize the experiences she has had and they definitely touch me deeply. Wicca is a journey that goes beyond books and what people think, because wicca is not about thought, but about experiences. It is a journey that you live. Also, must stress that this book is not just for wiccans, this book can give anyone inspiration on their own journey. Vivianne has lived a fully magical life that has helped a lot of people around the world on their journey. And there are a lot of elements in her own life that can inspire anyone on theirs. Can help anyone reconnect with their own inner world, the wider source of wisdom and the power that lies within.

Would I recommend this book? Of course I would! Absolutely a read that will inspire you in your journey.

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