Episode 1: Introducing the Wiccan Life Podcast

Welcome to this brand new podcast!

My name is Lusete and I shall be your host for the Wiccan Life.

I am a High Priestess with a coven in England, UK. More precisely in West Norfolk. I was trained into the Gardnerian Initiatory Wicca tradition many years ago. And I have been a pagan for even longer than that.

Since having my own coven, I have trained people to be part of my coven. During this training is where I find that people really struggle to meditate. After suggesting exercises and writing pathworkings, I found that people really need to listen to them at home to practise.

This podcast is born out of that necessity. I have been unable to find an app or even another podcast that just dedicates itself to pagan pathworkings.

Meditation is secular and not attached to any particular religion. Even though must people think of Buddhism when someone mentions meditation. Pathworking is just another method of meditation, a guided meditation. My particular pathworkings have a very wiccan and pagan style to them.

I just hope to help as many pagans as possible to meditate.

Enjoy the journey!


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