Episode 9: Pathworking for the element of Air

For this episode I am doing a pathworking that will give you the opportunity to meet the element of Air. This will be the first of the elements that I will do and my aim is to get you familiar with the energies that this element can provide for you.

Before doing the pathworking, be sure as to what is the symbol for the element of air. During the pathworking I will mention the symbol but I do not describe it. Pagan paths may use different symbols, you need to find the one that you want to work with. Find out on the internet or from your favourite books.

This is another pathworking that you can practice as many times as you want, to get you familiar with the element of Air.

Also, to get the full experience of Air, make sure you observe how Air is all around you. When you go for a walk, in nature or in cities, witness how Air affects everything around. Go out of your way to experience Air in its full form.

Hope you enjoy this journey.


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