Episode 25: Know Thyself Meditation

For this episode, I take you on a self discovery journey. If a book was being written about your life, what would it have? What would it say?

Do you want to know more about Know Thyself? Take a look at the link below and the video:

Pathworking to Awaken the Witch Within

For this episode I take you on a journey that will help you awaken the witch within. This is a meditation similar to the one I did for Seeking Witchcraft podcast, though this one is longer, with more sections added to it. Hope you enjoy the journey...

Episode 16: Pathworking with all the elements

For this episode I shall be taking you in a slightly longer journey to meet all 4 elements. As a witch and a wiccan, it is essential that you experience the elements. That you form a relationship with the elements. Now that we have done individual...

Samhain movies

I do love this time of the year, autumn makes itself known and Samhain (or Halloween) comes at the end of October. And with Samhain, the talk of witchy movies starts. As the nights are getting colder, there is nothing better than to sit down with a...