Episode 51: Climbing Mountains Pathworking

Welcome back to another episode and another guided meditation. Today I want you to have a moment to consider those metaphorical mountains that you find yourself having to climb. The struggles that life sometimes throws our way and we just have to...

Episode 50: Joining a coven

This episode will be a new series on the ‘Let’s Talk’ category, where we can all get the conversation going about all things Wicca, Magic and Spiritual Journeys. This time I want to talk to you all about the reasons on why you...

Episode 49: Closing your chakras

Last episode we did an opening of the chakras meditation to help you in any rite, spell or work that you are doing. For this episode, I am giving you the closing of your chakras, something to help you balance and be at one with all that ever was...

Episode 48: Opening your Chakras

This is one of those meditations that is very popular or you have probably heard of it before. Opening your Chakras is one of those meditations you can do before performing any rite.

Hope you enjoy it!