About me

My name is Lusete and I have been in the pagan scene for over 15 years, learning and growing, like many other people.

My journey began with a trip in 2003 or 2004 to Edinburgh with my sister…

I was very much still a good catholic girl and a very keen photographer. We had a Celtic Trip booked with a wonderful lady who drove us and another couple around. This other couple were keen dowsers and kept looking for lay lines around the sites we were taken to. I was there for the photographs and not at all keen on what I thought of as a ‘strange’ hobby.

On the very last site, the lady leading the tour asked us if we wanted to dowse and I said, ‘Oh no thank you, I don’t have rods anyway’. Thinking that will be enough to put her off, however, she had spares! My face must have been a picture. My sister was super keen and she was so happy that I just had to put a brave face and try them out.

Anyway, to my HUGE and utter surprise, they worked! I thought I was going mad, and tried several times, with stupid questions, and every time the answers were right. Needless to say, that was a life changing moment…

Fast forward to today, and after a lot of searching, training and transforming, I am the High Priestess of my coven. My path is Wicca, to be more specific, Initiatory Gardnerian Wicca and I train people who want to join the path and our coven.

This podcast was born out of my desire to help people to practice Wicca. Whether you join a coven or not, it is my sincere belief that if you really want to practice Wicca you must meditate… often. Meditation offers you a few skills that will carry forward to coven work and certainly help you with what you need to do in your path.

I hope you enjoy the pathworkings… Blessings to you.