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Episode 28: Hall of Mirrors Meditation

Wiccan Life has now been giving meditations for a full year! For this episode, I want to take you on a journey to see inside yourself and the reflections you give to the world. The format of the podcast will start changing from now. Doing all the...

Episode 27: Peaceful Sea Meditation

Sometimes our mundane life is incredibly stressful, this meditation will help you achieve a calm and peaceful centre to help you cope and give you strength to deal with whatever is happening around you. Sound effect from orangefreesounds. Hope you...

Episode 25: Know Thyself Meditation

For this episode, I take you on a self discovery journey. If a book was being written about your life, what would it have? What would it say?

Do you want to know more about Know Thyself? Take a look at the link below and the video: