The first experience, PGM VII 505

So having discovered the PGM, I decided to read as much as I could and watch or listen to as many interviews as possible of anyone with experience on the PGM. However, I was also keen to get stuck in as soon as possible and experiment.

I found a lot of information and it is certainly difficult to decide who to follow, or who do you feel is doing the way that is right for you. Of course, after I read Cecchetelli’s book, The Holy Guardian Angel : on the practice and experience of the Holy Guardian Angel, I realised, that this was my own journey and I had to make up my mind and start practicing. If I got it wrong, I could try a different way. Nothing wrong with making mistakes, everything wrong with avoiding the practice because you think you need to read more before you can do something.

Though I must confess I was so excited and impatient that I managed to read 5 books in one week and listened to almost every podcast episode where the authors appeared. I did literally became obssesed with the PGM and still am.

One particular speaker stroke a cord with me, Rufus Opus. The way he explains the methods and his experiences are very matter of fact, down to earth and honest. So immediately got his book, Seven Spheres, which felt more at home with the Hermetic training I have been doing since August 2020. Also, in conjunction with another writer, Tony Mierzwicki and his book Graeco-Egyptian Magick : everyday empowerment, where they both use the PGM to connect with the planetary powers.

So based on what I had learned so far, I decided I was going to try and connect with my Guardian Spirit using their methods with some minor changes of my own. Originally I was going to do it all in one week, however, Mierzwicki emphasises the importance of doing this journey in the right planetary order. Though it was not until I saw this image on Rufus Opus’ book that it made sense why. Plus it meant I could get a rest a day in between.

Peter Apian’s geocentric cosmology from Cosmographia, 1524 (wikipedia)

As you can see from this map, called the Geocentric celestial spheres, there is a certain order you have to follow to connect with all the planetary entities. Both, Rufus and Tony, have used the Orphics Hymns to call upon the entities of each planet. So I decided to use those too. Must confess, I never heard of the Orphics Hymns before, so that was a good research moment. So I used this information and my hermetic’s training to write up a ritual.

The spell or procedure I decided to use was PGM VII, 505-528, which has to be done at sunrise and at sunset. More because I can easily get hold of everything I needed for the ritual. Some of the ingredients or tools for other rituals really require a bit more time or work… even creativity!

So how did it go?

Must confess that I was slightly disappointed. I got a sense of a heavy dense atmosphere in my ritual room, my temple. Also, sometimes I would smell a lovely sweet smell, that was clearly not my incense. During the two weeks, I suffered from insomnia and when I did manage to sleep, the dreams were incredibly vivid. Some people might consider that a good result, so maybe I am being to hard on myself. Though I am after a full knowledge and communication with my Guardian Spirit, so more work is required.

On the other hand, this experiment has helped me to connect with the planets, to understand them better. And as a result, I shall be doing planetary meditations for the podcast. To help others connect with the planets too. So not everything was a loss, I have learned a lot and this is just the beginning.



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